New York Grub Street

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A small imports store, Shi, opened its doors Saturday at 143A Orchard Street. Among its hard-to-find-elsewhere offerings is a plethora of Malaysian packaged goods, including a half-dozen kinds of “white coffee,” instant java that already contains the sugar and milk, and in some cases, supplements like ginseng. There’s also Malaysian frozen durian and hot breakfast cereal with spirulina. The shop has a British section as well, with goods like marmite, Ribena soda, and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. And there’s a whole shelf of green tea and also some Icelandic crackers, which we bet you’ve never had before. An employee tells us they stock “the best of Europe and Asia” and that more goods will be added as time goes by. See below for a look inside.

Shi, 143A Orchard St., nr. Rivington St.; 212-228-7982